Precious Pill Precious Pill - Rinchen Mangjor Chenmo

This precious multicomponent composition contains 50 different medicinal ingredients, such as: precious "Tsothel" - the king of essences, correctly prepared using a number of standard detoxification processes, iron compounds, saffron, three fruit mirobalans, Khungder Karmuk, turquoise, coral, pearls , cloves, nutmeg, cardamom, etc. This composition is created according to the formula of outstanding masters of Tibetan medicine of the past and enriched with their spiritual Blessings.

"Manjor" calms the mind and acts against four hundred and four basic diseases caused by an imbalance of Blood, Bile, Mucus and Wind in the body. It is used for gastrointestinal pain caused by food poisoning or ingestion of unusual food, belching and chronic gastrointestinal upsets, diarrhea, infectious and chronic fevers, latent heat, blocking channels due to excessive consumption of spicy or stale food, depletion in the result of blood pollution. "Manjor" is useful in darkening the complexion, dimming of sensory sensations, heat in the heart and sour reflux, loss of appetite, cough with stale blood in the sputum. This rinchen helps well with all poisonings, both chemical and natural. Due to its neutral nature - the balance of warm and cold qualities, it is extremely effective against all types of digestive disorders. It also helps in the initial stages of cancer. It treats old, non-healing wounds, swelling of the larynx, leprosy and other epidemic diseases. Helps with animal and insect bites.

When taken by healthy people, "Manjor" ennobles the body, cleanses the senses, promotes rejuvenation and sex drive, strengthens nerves and bones. Good prophylactic against all diseases. Recommended for prolonging life and rejuvenation.