One of the main features of Ayurveda & ndash; this is mindfulness.

The principles of this ancient Indian teachings operate at a deep level, but at the same time they are very simple and sometimes it’s difficult to immediately believe in their effectiveness.

Ayurveda helps not only to achieve harmony with the outside world, but also to penetrate deeply into our inner world. This is possible through observation and honesty with yourself. It is necessary to carefully look at the difficulties that we have in our lives, to analyze our thoughts, emotions, which lead us to our actions.

Most people now live on autopilot, being in the civilization system. It is necessary to learn how to gradually get out of this system, turn off the unnecessary flow of media information, get only the necessary information, turn off unnecessary, empty thoughts, be able to analyze, draw conclusions about what is happening.

Awareness is the ability to see everything that happens inside us & ndash; in people, nature, in our entire environment, events, with a full concentration of attention on our body, mind, on our soul.

Having begun to live consciously, we will learn to better hear ourselves, our true needs, learn how to manage our emotions, keep calm, get rid of negative thoughts. Life will become brighter and more joyful. An internal state will come in which there will be clarity, self-confidence, correct self-esteem. There will be energy, an understanding that we live right, a sense of satisfaction. And most importantly - it will be an improvement in health status. Immunity will increase & mdash; the body’s ability to cope with various viral diseases will increase, the risk of cardiovascular diseases will decrease, pressure will normalize, and aging of the body’s cells will slow down.

All this is possible only as a result of regular practices that need to be made part of our daily lives. It is necessary to gradually form the habit of a new attitude to what and how we do, think, feel, speak and perceive, conduct daily practices to develop awareness.

Awareness will come only in the silence of the mind. Meditation & mdash; this exercise helps to calm the mind, developing the skills of awareness, concentration, clarity, calmness and presence.

By practicing mindfulness for only a couple of minutes a day, we will gradually change our lives for the better, improve our health and achieve well-being.

Трубникова Екатерина