Hypnosis Studio

Hello !!!

We are glad to welcome you on our channel & quot; Hypnosis Studio & quot ;.

The main topics of the channel are informative and informative stories about the structure of the world in material and spiritual planes. We obtain this information through hypnosis, by placing a sleeper-contactor in the energy-information field of the Earth Matrix or the Akashic Chronicles.

  • conduct hypnosis sessions, regressive hypnosis-travel to past lives
  • identify karmic nodes and help to understand them (chop)
  • help to understand difficult life situations
  • give answers to specifically asked questions
  • increase energy and vibration
  • we are diagnosing the body
  • scan the astral body for the presence of energy deposits and larvae
  • remove energy substitutes and larvae
  • set protection

Our goal is to help people!