Cordyceps in sport

The story of a sensation

Cordyceps sprinted into the world of sports in 1992-1993. A little-known female Chinese team begins to win world championships and topple records that have stood for almost 10 years. Newspapers are full of headlines like: "Orgy of world records", "The Chinese are brutalized", "The giant woke up", "The secret weapon of Chinese athletes"

So, the 1993 Chinese National Games is the city of Beijing. In the 10 km race ahead, 20-year-old Wan Yunxia comes out. She won this distance in Stuttgart at the 1992 World Cup. As it turned out, it was only a prelude to this performance. Wan speeds up running after the middle of the distance and every next kilometer she runs faster and faster!

Such a sports world has not yet seen. Having beaten the world record for 42 seconds, Wan Yunxia grabs the Chinese flag and runs with him a circle of honor, hugs his coach and gives an interview ... It turned out that Wan exceeded the “impregnable” world record of 10 km set by Ingrid Kristiansen in 1986. She in passing during the same race broke records at distances of 5 and 3 km!

2 days after the "tens" there was a race of 1,500 m and at that distance Wan Yunxia again had a world record, with a result of 3.50.46. She improved T.Kazankina’s record for 2 seconds, which for 13 years was considered absolutely impenetrable!

The Chinese women, one after another, easily ahead of the world record (8.22.62, T.Kazankina, 1984), and in the final, the same Wan Yunsya won the gold with a new record 8.06.11 Over several days, Chinese athletes overthrew the world records 14 times, and competing almost without rest. Journalists wrote: "The steps of their run shook the world," "They looked after the finish line as if they were drinking jasmine tea, not the distance they ran." According to Mary Slainy (runners from the USA), Chinese women threw women’s run back 20-40 years.

But after a year two before these events no one had heard of Chinese girls, Wan Yunxia then had a result at a distance of 10,000 m 3 minutes weaker!

Naturally, the world community was tormented by the question: how, in what way is all this possible? And the answer naturally came up: was some kind of doping used?

Team coach Ma Yunren categorically denied the allegations. All possible commissions, medical and anti-doping, made all possible analyzes. We examined all the athletes, as well as the drink that they consumed. Result: no illicit or doping substances found.

And the International Athletics Federation has ratified new world records.

There are even more questions for the coach. Ma Yunren said, “I’ll answer you, although the answer may not be realistic. The secret is a combination of two factors. It’s intense training and precious mushrooms. The age-old wisdom is in these mushrooms, the age-old wisdom helps to win.”

And precious mushrooms - this was a component of the drink that athletes drank every day, and which was checked by anti-doping laboratories. That was Cordyceps. For you and me it’s a great luck that they checked it. After all, the analyzes are the most sensitive and biased. We can tell everyone - Cordyceps is not a dope.

The mystery of the "magic mushrooms"

In order to understand this, you need to know how Cordyceps works - one of the amazing treasures of ancient medicine. It is a means of integrating action. The word "integrating" refers to the integrity of the body. Integrity is the maximum possible perfection and harmony of the body as a system, it is "ringing health and radiant well-being," according to the ancient Chinese treatise.

Integrating herbal formulas act at the level of the whole organism, increasing its integrity by improving systemic connections. They allow the body to find the direction of healing and achieve the optimal balance. Integrating agents, including Cordyceps, are not treated - they give health. Therefore, they can be used for any disease and are very easy to use - they do not have harmful side effects. The application is simple - although the mechanisms of action can be very complex. For example, Cordyceps has about 7-8 different mechanisms of action in the human body. But all of them are aimed at integrity, at improving systemic connections.

Such formulas provide more than healing. What if a healthy person drinks cordyceps? It will become "even healthier", i.e. holistic. This can be very important for an athlete. Consider only one of the mechanisms.

Cordyceps affects energy metabolism in cells. A person receives energy from food, and in the cells it is stored in the form of ATP (adenositriphosphate). ATP - the "energy currency" of the body, it is required for any process in living tissue, if this process consumes energy. So, ATP goes for muscle contraction, conducting nerve impulses, building new cells, removing toxins and much more.

But in the human body, as a rule, the synthesis of ATP is not a "burning" food and the formation of ATP due to this energy. You can call it the "coefficient of performance" (COP). So, the efficiency of ATP synthesis is always below 100%, even in healthy people. And in patients it is even lower, because many chemical drugs used by sick people have the property of reducing the efficiency of ATP synthesis. When the efficiency is low, food burns idle, its energy goes into heat. Cordyceps improves systemic connections in the body, one of which is the connection between the combustion of food and the formation of ATP. The efficiency of ATP synthesis becomes higher when taking Cordyceps - this means the connection is strengthened.

In sick people, the efficiency of the process increases, and in healthy people it can even approach 100% with Cordyceps. It forms as if additional ATP, and this is additional energy. It will be held by a sick person for healing, for the regeneration of cells and tissues, for the removal of toxins, the fight against microbes, etc. And the athlete? Additional energy can go into physical work - endurance and strength in training become higher. And, of course, this energy goes to recovery after training, to healing injuries. If an athlete recovers faster, he can train more. And even within the same training can run, say, twice as much.

Such a drug is not harmful, because excess energy has not hurt anyone. It can’t be attributed to doping, because the sports result will grow only under the condition of training. It is impossible to achieve world records while lying on the couch and drinking Cordyceps in liters (although you will feel better). In sports, the result is still a direct and logical result of training. And Cordyceps just helps you train more and more intensively, allows you to not overwork and maintain health.