Causes of disease

In modern medicine, scientists have made amazing progress.

The latest equipment allows you to detect a cancerous tumor in the earliest stages. Immediately after the outbreak of various infectious diseases, viruses can be found and detected.

But, unfortunately, modern medicine does not eliminate the true cause of the disease, but eliminates only its symptoms.

Ancient sources say that illness is a conversation between God and Man.

If a person is sick, this is a sign that he is doing something wrong in his life.

The cause of disease must be sought first of all at the level of the mind.

Look inside yourself, analyze your motivation, intentions, actions.

Take a closer look at your lifestyle, diet, way of thinking, inner state.

Think about the events in your life, about your emotions, relationships, whether you are doing something that really brings you joy and satisfaction.

Illness is usually the result of our wrong actions, negative thoughts and emotions.

Awareness of the problem underlying the disease & ndash; This is the first step towards recovery.

Treatment may require a change in lifestyle, attitude towards the world as a whole, achievement of higher levels of consciousness.

When we change our thoughts, emotions, character changes, life changes for the better, the disease goes away.

Health and well-being depends only on ourselves.

Трубникова Екатерина