Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba


My dear children,


No time to sleep. You have been in dreams and dreams for thousands of lives. If you do not wake up now, then this chance may not appear another thousand lives.

I separate Myself from Myself in order to love Myself even more. Come with Me, separation is no longer on the agenda. This experience is passed, now I want to return all Myself and merge into one.

I have given many of you the advantage of an unhappy childhood, including conflict or separation from mother and father. By doing so, I have freed you from the temptation to be attached to human parents or any particular family environment.

This left you with the only choice, namely & mdash; & laquo; tie yourself to Me & raquo ;.

Why don’t you take this opportunity instead of constantly looking for relationships that can never satisfy you? Even if your childhood were as idyllic as you would like for yourself, you do not need maternal love.

In the end, it’s not even the love of the given Name and Form (Baba) that you crave. Your deepest inner need & ndash; it is to return to ourselves, to love ourselves, to become Sat Chit Ananda (Being, Consciousness, Bliss), - what you have always been.

Let the past go away, stop trying to get from each other what you think you lacked in childhood or marriage.

You will never find anyone who is enough for you, even Me.

Love Yourself, Know Yourself & ndash; only you Samih will always be enough!

You cannot help but love yourself, because I love you again and again? Have I not moved heaven itself and earth to bring you to Myself?

I asked all my devotees to chant the mantra: "I am God. I am not different from God".

Now, I especially ask you to follow this guide. It will be much more useful to you than anything else you have undertaken.

Remember that I love you, & ndash; love Yourself.

Baba, 02/19/1997


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