Ayurveda in Sri Lanka

Ayurveda is the greatest doctrine of longevity, a storehouse of knowledge and experience of the ancient sages.

Its popularity has been growing recently with extraordinary speed and its enormous value is undeniable.

Its main principles are the maintenance of health through the establishment of spiritual harmony, the harmony of mind and body, the achievement of inner balance, tranquility and mutual understanding with nature.

This is achieved purely through proper nutrition, the use of special medicines exclusively on a natural basis, positive thinking and the right way of life in general.

In Ayurveda, the concept of diagnosis has a completely different meaning than in traditional medicine. According to the principles of Ayurveda, to make a diagnosis you need to study and understand the patient, not the disease. And only after a thorough study of the nature of the patient, the disease will be understood and its treatment will be carried out.

Therefore, an Ayurvedic doctor should not only understand medicine, but also be a spiritual teacher trained by a specialist in many fields.

Sri Lanka is famous for a large number of Ayurvedic centers and a large number of certified Ayurvedic specialists. Ayurveda has been officially recognized by the State School of Medicine there since 2013.

Sri Lankan Ayurvedic doctors receive unique knowledge in this area at special departments of medical institutions, subsequently gaining new knowledge and honing their experience throughout their lives.

Therefore, to solve health problems, you can safely go to Sri Lanka. There you will be able to consult, give the right recommendations, conduct the appropriate procedures or prescribe a course of treatment.

The most effective treatment method is a comprehensive treatment that includes massage, herbal saunas, oils, meditations, a variety of diets and other related procedures.

In the Ayurvedic centers of Sri Lanka, you can also not only treat diseases, but also prevent their development, strengthen the body's immunity, cleanse it of toxins and toxins, rejuvenate it at the cellular level.

Even after a short wellness course, positive results are immediately visible - overall health is improved, nervous tension and stress are relieved, fatigue goes away.

In case of serious health problems, it is recommended to undergo a longer course of treatment, under the supervision of Ayurvedic specialists.

Everyone can live a long and happy life!

Трубникова Екатерина