What is cordyceps?
Mushroom of Immortality. Gift of the Gods.

Cordyceps belongs to the class of higher mushrooms - ascomycetes. It grows only in the inaccessible highlands of Qinghai provinces in western Tibet - at an altitude of more than 3,500 meters above sea level. Lack of oxygen in high mountains, low air temperature, its fluctuations give Cordyceps unique properties.

The form of existence of cordyceps is amazing. It combines the characteristics of both a plant and an insect. In winter, cordyceps exists in the form of a cocoon, and with the onset of spring it comes to the surface in the form of a plant. His spores fall on the butterfly larva. With the onset of winter, the butterfly burrows itself into the ground and the life cycle of cordyceps is repeated.

In China, Cordyceps is called "Divine Gift";, since no plant has such healing power. About 5 thousand years is known about cordyceps, but because of its insignificant amount, only Chinese emperors and their entourage were treated for a long time.

Cordyceps was used as a medicine during the reign of the Qing Dynasty to treat chronic bronchitis, insomnia, hypertension, pneumonia, pulmonary emphysema and tuberculosis; It was used to relieve fatigue and weakness after an illness, as well as for anemia and cough.

Centuries ago, in a treatise on Chinese medicine, "New Formocapey" so its properties were described: "Cordyceps Chinese has a sweet taste, neutral properties, retains lungs, improves kidneys, nourishes bone marrow, stops blood and mucus, relieves cough".


Precious Sacred Tibetan Rinchens.

Multicomponent compositions created on the basis of Tibetan herbs with the addition of minerals and metals, precious stones, corals, pearls, etc. with especially careful processing of all components. Historically, they have been used by Yogis, absorbed in meditation and practicing breathing exercises, in order to achieve Self-realization. They only ate air, water and vibrations (Prana) and sometimes took these "precious pills", extracting from them all the missing trace elements to maintain the body in good condition, which allowed them to continue their spiritual practice. Rincheni - an effective means of promoting one-pointedness of the mind.


The second option for using rincheni is severe chronic diseases, in which other medicines are not able to help. The third option is maintaining the body during prolonged therapeutic fasting. And the fourth is their use as a firming, tonic and preventive measure. Since each rinchen is an antidote to a whole range of ailments and diseases, in the ancient Tibetan Treatises these pills are called "what saves from death". Precious pills have a complex energy effect on the human body, restoring the balance and harmonious circulation of vital energy in various organs and systems. Treat Tibetan precious pills as the greatest treasure that can save you from all your ailments!